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How to Design a Kitchen Island Layout You’ll Love

kitchen design and cabinets in montvale nj by five star kitchen design centerAn island is the hub of your kitchen. The right design can make all the difference in having a space that perfectly fits your style and lifestyle. So, take the time to lay out an island that will function as you want it to. Here are some things to consider when creating the perfect island for your kitchen.

Think About How You Plan to Use Your Island

Designing an optimal island layout starts with determining how you would like to use it. From seating and storage to prep space and entertaining, an island can be multi-functional. Are you envisioning an area for meal prep and easy cleanup? Then you might want to incorporate a sink and dishwasher. Looking to create a gathering spot? Include an overhang for seating. Desiring extra storage, add drawers and cabinets with practical features like pull outs for spices and appliances like mixers. If your footprint allows, consider all of the above! The key is that it works for you.

Prioritize Proportion

When designing your island, be sure that its dimensions are in proportion to the rest of your kitchen design. Don’t focus on how big you can make it, but rather design it relevant to the available kitchen space. An island that is too small or too big will look awkward and impact the functionality of your kitchen. You need to make sure that you can freely move around the island and work with ease. The size of the island and the size of the work space around it are equally important. And remember to keep in mind how any stools around the island will jet out into the adjacent space.

Consider Seating

Will your island provide extra seating or is it taking the place of a table? This is an important consideration. If you need more than seating for three, you may want to think about wrapping the seating around one end of the island, which is more conducive to conversation and socializing. And it’s not too early to decide what type of seating you want to use, such as simple stools, larger seats with backs, etc. Drawing their dimensions into the design will improve function and flow.

Choose the Right Countertop

When selecting a countertop material, you should look beyond aesthetics to your lifestyle. While marble is stunning and timeless, it can easily stain and scratch. Do you want to be constantly taking care to not damage it? Granite is more hardy, while quartz is low maintenance. Factor durability and upkeep into your countertop selection process.

Don’t Forget Lighting

The right island lighting is crucial. It should be a combination of practical and aesthetic. Dimmable pendants are a great option. Shining brightly, they provide ample task lighting, and lowered they set the mood for dining or entertaining. 

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