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Kitchen Cabinets and Design Services in Tarrytown, NY

kitchen cabinets and design in tarrytown, nyWhen you move to a new home, it’s common to expect that not everything about it is ideal. Perhaps the location is convenient, the number of bedrooms and bathroom is perfect, and the yard is spacious.

So with everything on point, do we move ahead, knowing full well that the kitchen is dated and not your choice of color scheme? Worse, the floorplan and walls are awkward and make you feel closed in. You could move in first and decide to redo the kitchen later; but why not start loving your kitchen from the start? Clients call us in to help redesign the entire space with quality cabinetry so that it’s a space you love and are proud to show off. The kitchen below is one example of our products and design services.

A Kitchen Walled In and Trapped In the Past

Our client’s old kitchen was surrounded by several walls and arched doorways, interrupting the flow from room to room. To one end was a closed off laundry room/mudroom. On the wall opposite the sink and stove was a closet– an odd choice for storage.

The old oak cabinets topped off at soffits, which wasted space. The counter offered very limited room for lining up your ingredients ready to go into the stove or oven. 

A doorway led to a dinette space on one side and saloon doors opened to the dining room on the other end.  

Nothing takes away the enjoyment of a new home more than trying to make do in a decades’ old kitchen. All the small rooms made the space feel incredibly confining and inefficient. Our designers got to work creating a space the homeowner’s would love to spend time in.

New Cabinets Instantly Brighten the Kitchen

Out went the dated cabinets and the soffits as well. The homeowners chose our popular Fabuwood Cabinet brand, in the Allure framed line and Galaxy Frost door style. The new gorgeous white cabinets rise to the ceiling, topped off with classic moulding.

When you choose white cabinetry, it gives you the freedom to add color and polish to your hardware choices, and here we used Top Knobs brand hardware, in Oculus Knob and Riverside Pull designs in a lustrous Honey Bronze finish – a beautiful, rich and jewel-toned look to make the kitchen sparkle. Picking up the color interest is a glossy subway tile backsplash in soft gray blue.

Stunning Design and Lots of Storage

The countertop is Cambria Britannica, a beautiful white marbled surface that will give the new homeowners many years of durable wear and timeless beauty.

Underneath the counter there are plenty of large drawers for easy access to stored items including a double trash/recycling bin drawer. This design makes it much easier to grab and store items from roomy drawers and cabinets than a closet!

No longer feeling “walled-in”, the kitchen is now a free-flowing space as the walls were removed from the old laundry room. The new kitchen starts closer to the back door, adding feet of space for modern appliances like a 6-burner stove. There is additional workspace with a new counter along the wall across from the sink, wrapping around a corner. On one side of the new counter is a built-in microwave; on the other side, the counter extends a few inches to create a breakfast eating area with 2 chairs.  

The new family-sized refrigerator is located across from the sink where the odd closet used to be, so that there is now ample space on the counter by the stove for assembling all your ingredients. 

Open and Airy Kitchen and Dining Areas

This kitchen has plenty of areas to enjoy a meal. As mentioned above, there is a counter with 2 chairs. On one side of the kitchen, which is no longer blocked by walls and arches, is a spacious casual dining area where the homeowners selected a farmhouse style dinette set with bench seating. On the other end of the kitchen is a large formal dining room.

In between the kitchen and the formal dining room, we eked out more work and storage space for the homeowners by installing a corner counter set against a partial wall.

When you purchase your cabinets with Five Star Kitchen Design Center, you work with award-winning designers who take every inch into consideration to make your kitchen goals a beautiful reality.

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