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Must Have Kitchen Cabinet Features

pull out cabinet featureCabinets are the unsung heroes of any kitchen, providing not only style, but all-important storage. Whether you’re a passionate chef or a busy family, your cabinets should be tailored to match how you live. Before we sketch the first line of your kitchen plan, our team dives into your preferences and needs. Our goal is to install cabinets that cater to your unique lifestyle. We want our custom cabinetry designs to make your kitchen an inviting and efficient space where meal prep is easier and gathering is more enjoyable.

Whether you’re revamping an existing kitchen or building a new one, the selection of cabinetry features is one of the most important decisions. So, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some popular client picks.

1. Trash and Recycling Pull-Outs

Optimize your kitchen’s efficiency by incorporating pull-out trash units within your cabinetry. Concealed from sight, these units come in dual-bin configurations, allowing for easy recycling and efficient waste management. There are different options available based on the cabinet manufacturer.

2. Pantry Storage Cabinetry

For large families or frequent entertainers, dedicated cabinets for food items and specialized kitchen tools are indispensable. Pantry storage solutions ensure that everything has its place, keeping your kitchen organized, uncluttered, and functional.

3. Cookware Storage Accessories

Make the most of kitchen cabinets by incorporating built-in cookware storage. Choose from a variety of cabinet solution options for keeping spices, cleaning supplies, and cookware neat and organized. Accessories such as built-in utensil caddies and pull-outs for spices keep kitchen tools and frequently used ingredients out of sight but within easy reach.

4. Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers and Roll Trays

Integrate cabinet pull-out drawers and roll trays into your kitchen design for easy access to items stored in the depths of your cabinets. Stacked drawer cabinets and deep pull-out drawers are important for maximizing usable space while making these areas easy to see, reach, and keep clean. A well-planned and designed kitchen means no more bending down to dig around the back of a dark lower cabinet to find a pot or pan!

5. Corner Cabinets

Unlock the potential of underutilized corner spaces with built-in lazy susans or swing-out shelving. These corner cabinetry features can effectively maximize storage and accessibility in these otherwise hard-to reach areas, transforming your kitchen corners into valuable storage zones.

Your Personalized Cabinet Choices

While these are our top five must-haves, there are plenty more cabinet features you might want in your new kitchen, i.e. a pull-out cutting board, specialized cabinets for oversized platters, or a peek at the impressive cabinetry options for wine storage.

Our team collaborates with you to carefully review your needs, ensuring that your kitchen project aligns with your specific tastes and priorities. We’re committed to helping you choose the cabinet features best suited for your lifestyle. At Five Star Kitchen Design Center, we don’t want you to like your kitchen, we want you to be madly in love with it!

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