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What Is My Kitchen Design Style?

A kitchen renovation is not one of those projects you typically undergo every couple of years. There is a significant investment to make, as well as the disruption during construction. Because it is a substantial project in many ways, there’s a bit of pressure to “get it right”. You’ve chosen to work with a professional design team – that’s a relief, because it’s their job to create the kitchen of your dreams. Since you want to wake up to a gorgeous kitchen every morning, how do you determine what style is YOU?

Trends Come and Go – How Do You Create a Stylish Kitchen that Stands the Test of Time?

Your first decision point is the most critical – how long do you intend on staying in this home? If you’ll be here for a few years and then sell, it’s best to remain as neutral and functional as possible in design, so that future buyers will feel comfortable from day one. In this case, classic shapes and neutral colors are your best friends. 

If you plan on remaining in your home long term, then the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing with choices of colors, materials, and design. Are you a more trendy person or do you gain comfort from the classics?

Being attracted to the most current trends is great – as long as those trends express your personal style. If suddenly everyone is designing with Farmhouse and Country designs but you’re a fan of Modern and Industrial, then it’s best to stay within your own comfort zone. Remember – today’s fad could be tomorrow’s regret! You’ll want to love your kitchen for years.

To Find Your Style Look at the Rest of Your Home

How have you decorated the rest of your home? What design choices have you made in the living room – a public space – and what feels comfortable to you in your private spaces like the master bedroom? If your home has a mixture of classic neutrals in the public spaces but bright colors and soft textures in your bedroom, you can consider bringing in a mix for your kitchen as well. 

Luckily, today’s design choices are open to creativity, and you’re not locked into only one style throughout the whole room. A professional kitchen designer will take the time to ask you about your style preferences, look at the rest of your home, and find a way to create a smooth and beautiful mix of styles that are unique to you and that balance the rest of your house.

Your Kitchen Design Style Is As Individual As You Are

The number of choices you have in every single aspect of your kitchen is staggering, with older styles still available and new trends being added frequently. Even the number of materials for your cabinetry and countertops can be overwhelming. And then you want to select types and materials of lighting that work well and look amazing!

It could be that what’s “in style” today is not that attractive to you – it makes sense not to follow the crowd, and instead tune in on what makes you excited. With all the decisions to make, you’ll want help finding and choosing materials, colors, surfaces, and hardware that reflects your personality. Remember – trends come and go, but your individual personality stays with you. At Five Star Kitchen Design Center, we’ll help you style your kitchen so that it suits your needs and your personal tastes.

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