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What Makes a Great Kitchen Design?

A great kitchen design is not about pushing whatever today’s popular trend is – it’s about discovering your style as well as your typical use of the kitchen space, and using this to make the best choices in materials from floor to ceiling. What your neighbor thinks is the most beautiful kitchen in the world may not excite you at all! We all have different tastes and day to day needs.

How To Make Sure Your New Kitchen Will Always Be Beautiful

More than what color is on trend for this year, you’ll want to wake up every morning to a kitchen you love. The key is timeless beauty beyond today’s style. A great kitchen design depends on what you love to look at every day, how you cook every day, and making sure all the materials and appliances and their placement is smooth, spacious, and efficient.

You can entertain a neutral color palette with pops of your favorite color so that your kitchen shows your personality. Is your style more modern, traditional, farmhouse or industrial? A great kitchen design will reflect these choices, balancing trends with a timeless style. 

Layout And Space Can Make A Huge Impact On The Design Of Your Kitchen

A nice kitchen looks pretty and fresh – a fabulous, well-designed kitchen uses experience and skill to uncover hidden space, to solve unusual challenges, and to improve efficiencies and functionality.

While the concept of the kitchen triangle layout is certainly not new, it’s still crucial to the years of enjoyment of your kitchen. The placement of sink, oven, and fridge will always anchor the flow of traffic and a professional design team knows how to make this work, every time. Adding a kitchen island or rearranging your appliances, a designer will ensure your workflow is smooth every day.

The Best Cabinetry Choices for Your Perfect Kitchen

Cabinets are among the more costly components of kitchen design and today’s choices range in choice of wood, colors and finishes, door styles, and even open shelving. Because of the cost, you don’t want to choose what looks nice in a photo. 

An optimal kitchen design will give you the excitement of new materials and choices while giving you the confidence that the design truly works for you for years to come. Choose new and exciting trends in neutral colors, or traditional design in bright colors – the choices and options can seem endless unless you have a professional design team to guide you. At Five Star Kitchen Design Center, we plan kitchen designs that are as unique as their owners.

Designs that Satisfy Your Needs for Today and Support Changes to Come

If your kitchen is the central hub of family activities, where you drop off the mail and get homework done, then a well-designed kitchen might include countertops of different heights and well-situated nooks.

Perhaps your home is the preferred destination for all family holidays; then you’ll want to ensure ample workspace on your countertops and spacious layouts for busy traffic patterns.

Thinking of having your parents (or adult children) move in eventually? An expert kitchen design team will ensure your new kitchen will accommodate their needs as well. At Five Star Kitchen Design Center, we ask all the important questions to support your family’s needs.

Considering a kitchen reno? Contact us to learn how we can help make your space look fabulous and optimally function for your needs.

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