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Why Do I Need a Kitchen Designer?

You may have beautifully redesigned your bedroom or living room on your own – but a kitchen is a very unique type of project. Even the most talented of Do-It-Yourselfers shouldn’t attempt to design their new kitchen. There are many detailed considerations involved such as cabinetry, refrigeration, electrical, heating and plumbing. Will you be able to ensure 100% that all of these appliances and fixtures will work with your attractive design?

And while contractors are exceptionally talented and skilled, and can assure your new kitchen is functional, they lack design education, talent, and experience and are not adept at applying today’s materials and trends for the most appealing aesthetic.

Your kitchen is a key component of your family’s life and wellbeing. Don’t leave the design of this major hub of your home in the hands of anyone except a kitchen design specialist who knows the principles of design, the nuances of designing a kitchen, and the latest trends.

Reasons to Rely on the Expertise of an Experienced Kitchen Designer

A trained and experienced kitchen designer is in tune with all the modern trends, helping guide you in today’s popular style choices. But more importantly, they will create detailed design plans to account for every inch of space and how it will be used most effectively and efficiently. For example, through consultation, your Five Star Kitchen Design Center designer will see your space with fresh eyes, noting details you’re not aware of. Their experience solves issues you may not have noticed or have forgotten after years of use.

At Five Star Kitchen Design Center, our experienced designers understand project management. The resident kitchen designer at the big box store does not have the capability or authority to work with you every step of the way. Independent kitchen designers work with the contractors to ensure everything is implemented according to plan; or to fix last-minute glitches.

Kitchen Designers Are More than Stylists – They Help With The Whole Room

What kinds of appliances should you choose? What materials should you select? From the shape of your sink to the hardware on the cabinets, there are seemingly endless choices to make. If you were handling this all on your own, decision exhaustion sets in and the best choices won’t be discovered. Kitchen designers help you focus on exactly what choices will result in a kitchen to be proud of for years to come. Professional kitchen designers will help you source the finest materials with quality that supersedes what the big box stores offer.

Kitchen Designers Account For the Big Picture

Beyond the place to cook a meal, families hang out in their kitchen. Kids will do their homework on the counter, guests gather to chat in your kitchen, and of course, pets will always be around, too. That’s a lot more wear and tear than just making a meal, so kitchen designers will ensure that the layout works, the materials work, and the lighting works. It’s not about one limited space – it’s about how the room fits into the whole house!

Are you getting ready to finally renovate your kitchen? Changes in life and changes in taste are to be expected. To make sure that all-important room in your home is keeping pace and optimally functioning you need the expertise and eye of a kitchen designer.

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