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Why Is It Important to Have a Well Designed Kitchen?

Frustrated with your out of date, unattractive, or inefficient kitchen? You’re not alone! You’re likely scrolling through design ideas in social media or magazines to give you inspiration on what would work for your home and family. You know what you like, and what turns you off. 

So what’s to stop you from going to the home improvement store and picking out cabinets, appliances and countertops? Simple – you’re comfortable with your personal taste, but there are hundreds of details to consider and decisions to make that are unfamiliar to you. If you make the wrong choices, there could be disastrous consequences. When investing in a kitchen renovation, you need a kitchen that is designed to your needs and style.

There are Many Choices of Materials for Your Kitchen Space

From the flooring, to the counters, to the hardware and lighting, there are endless materials to select. Remember when Formica countertops and linoleum floors ruled the day? In today’s kitchen design trends, there are many more options of materials to choose from than ever before. How will you determine what works best for your everyday enjoyment of your kitchen?

Taking countertop materials as an example, this involves several options. How do you know whether your daily food prep and holiday creations would fare better with Quartz, Granite, or Stainless Steel? You may even consider one type of material for your main counter and another type for your kitchen island. 

A Custom Designed Kitchen Will Match Your Unique Requirements

Are you a home gourmet chef who needs more counter space for cooking and baking, or do you prefer to have more space dedicated to seating and entertaining guests? A professionally designed kitchen will take into account how many people will be cooking at the same time, what level of sophistication should the appliances support, and where there is a need for task lighting. From serving a home for one, to a multi-generational dwelling, a well designed kitchen must serve the personal needs of the homeowner. This is where an experienced kitchen designer can help.

Professionals Design Your Kitchen For Increased Storage and Improved Functionality 

Have the feeling your sink would work better under a window rather than stuck in the corner? Wish you had more counter space near your oven? Always wanted a kitchen island but could never envision it working out in your space?

Professional kitchen design solves these problems and more. A kitchen designer may even point out inefficiencies you are unknowingly putting up with every day simply because you never imagined there was a way to correct them. 

An Expertly Designed Kitchen Renovation Does More Than Replace Older Materials

Imagine if you updated your counter and lighting, and brought in new appliances. It would feel like an improvement, but it’s nowhere near the results you’ll achieve from a complete kitchen redesign. It may feel more attractive and modern, but if you haven’t solved all your space and functional challenges, the results will never feel complete.

Beyond the allure of new colors and materials, a well-designed kitchen looks to solve constraints, and challenges, and give you capabilities you hadn’t imagined on your own.

Five Star Kitchen Design Center looks at the beauty, the functionality, and the way your family will use your kitchen, day in and day out. A well designed kitchen is going to make this your favorite room in the house.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, contact us to learn how we can help.

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