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2024 Cabinet Color Trend: Wood Tones

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Wood toned cabinets are having a moment. More and more homeowners are opting for warm natural hues over the ever-popular white finishes. The National Kitchen & Bath Association announced the trend at the end of 2023, and at Five Star Kitchen Design Center we’re seeing it play out first hand. Many of our 2024 projects so far are either featuring a room full of upper and lower wood tones or at least using them as the base of the island.

The transition from white to white oak or a similar light wood stain is quite popular with those homeowners wishing to create kitchens with a more cozy, inviting vibe – whether they tend to prefer traditional, contemporary, or transitional. Why the switch? Ever since the pandemic, people are looking to make their living spaces more of a tranquil retreat, using warmer colors throughout the home – and that includes in the kitchen. Wood toned cabinets instantly make a space feel more intimate and enveloping, and evoke personality that isn’t necessarily achieved with white cabinets without warming them up with the right decor and accessories. 

The natural beauty of wood toned cabinets also adds a layer of texture and visual interest. White cabinets simply cannot match the character of natural wood when creating an overall design for a room. Plus, wood stained cabinets tend to hold up better than their painted counterparts, extending the life of a very expensive kitchen feature. 

What Is the Most Popular Wood Tone Right Now?

We’re definitely seeing an uptick in white oak cabinet purchases, although walnut and other lighter tones are also sought after. Light and medium tones with interesting grain patterns create a more neutral palette that is ideal for both modern and traditional styles. White oak helps make a room feel lighter and more airy. Walnut works well to create a more modern, mid-century space. Darker stains are quite popular with those seeking a sleek, moody vibe.

View Some Recent Projects Using Wood Tones

Click on the links below to see more photos of recent projects that featured some stunning wood toned cabinetry. WE WILL INSERT IMAGES FOR EACH PROJECT

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A Warm, Wood Island Anchors this Montvale, NJ Kitchen


The natural and organic feel that wood toned cabinetry brings to a space makes it a strong choice for kitchen renovations in 2024. If you live in the Rockland County, New York and Bergen County, NJ area and are planning to build your dream kitchen, come visit our showroom and see all the wood toned cabinet options we have available from the nation’s top cabinet manufacturers.


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